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Business Changed Shape – So Can Economies

July 02 2020 | Dave Fardoe

Wow, what did your local pub do during lockdown?

several of ours turned into takeaways – yep that’s right – they used thier kitchens and supply chains to make meals for the community, especially the vulnerable and shielding. Car parks beacme socially distanced markets and bar staff delivery teams. It worked so well and kept the business and the community going. What great innovation during a difficult period. It got us thinking – so may businesses were able to adapt, not all for sure, yet many were; In part it was down to the relaxation of some plannning and operating rules, yet also to the idea that this resource, a Kitchen for example, can be sued to provide meals that can be collected or delivered. A car park is just an open space that can be used for lots of things, like a market.

The UK governement has announced wider investment in electric scooters for example, and dedicated cycle lanes, a commitment to a green economy – then at the same time relaxed planning rules and opened up risk in the form of greenbelt errossion – it’s a mixed bag, yet it is a starting point. The question then is what can we do at local levels to ensure that the much needed and welcome investment goes to the right projects and causes – well the first step is to know what the local plan for your area is – get this from the council offices, look at what planning has been rejected previously and why, chances are these will come back for a second bite at the cherry. and finally – get a group together, virtually to begin with (social distancing etc) and devise your own neighbourhood plan, get those submitted to the councils and planning teams to keep in thier minds what the local community wants. Most plannig cycles are 10 years for community plans – what has changed in 10 years, what has chnaged in the last 6 months, the plans you contributed too may now look a little different. Innovation needs to become a key word in our lives going forward. start local Think Global.

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