Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Not one size fits all – organisations now want to show and develop their social impact and climate credentials, they need tools to help them do so. Here we work to develop tools and reporting systems for organisations of all sizes from the startup to the enterprise, public sector, private industry and voluntary groups.

Put social impact and climate credentials at the heart what you do and show the world you are a responsible business.

Harmonious Evolution ® is the approach we adopt to help companies develop ethical and ecologically sound business plans, product lifecycles and operations.

Kangaia ® is a framework model that helps you understand who your stakeholders are and how they are likley to feel and interact with you. Using this framework you can figure out how best to position yourself and them to drive the organisation you want forward in the direction you want.

Kangaia ® & Harmonious Evolution ® methodologies are complimentary and non-exclusive so you can mix and match as needed and spread them across time as your ideas and organisations grow.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

ESG is a big hot topic and if you are a startup looking for investment or a voluntary organisation looking for funding  – you need this.

We follow the 3P’s model, or a variation of it to be fair – People, Planet and Prosperity (The classic view is People, Planet and Profit, or the triple bottom line). For organisation and groups who want to go further we have the 5P’s – People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships. Which of course ultimately leads us to the United Nations 17 Sustainability development goals or the SDG’s Kangaia® and Harmonious Evolution®

We also offer help to individuals and SME organisations to get started or to mature your Circularity and Sustainabily Journey. See our Sustainability packs for details here.

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Our services may be delivered in collaboration with our partner network Accordant Solutions Limited and / or the Social Value Mark Business

See our partner page for details on who we work with.

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