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March 01 2021 | Dave Fardoe

What is Harmonius Evolution? Put simply Humans as a species are going to continue to evolve, we will continue to develop explore and devise new technologies. Yet we have a choice – do we do so ignoring the other plant and animal species on Earth, as we have done for so many years of our history. Or do we recognise that within us is the capability to continue to evolve and persue our dreams in harmony with our planet and the variety of life it supports?

One road leads us to the stars and to a future that is positive, the other to a dark and foreboding future where the quality of life, and all its offering will be beyond reach. Ultimately we need the planet and its capacity and capability, It does not need us.

People talk about the changes that we are imposing upon the planet, and yes those are critical considerations, yet far worse is the speed in combination with those changes. It is simple to see – a tree takes 200 years to grow if we cut down that tree and plant another in its place, there is a 200 year lag before we reach the point of sustainability. The pace of change is a multiplier on the change itself, making it far more impactful.

The idea of Harmonious Evolution® is to test each of our actions and proposed changes to view them in light of the wider ecosystems and to migitage any negatives before implementation. It isn’t always simple to do and sometimes changes are needed that do result in some ecological damage – we cannot afford to become idealogues. Yet we can think in terms of balance and harmony and to recognise this is about long term survival of many forms of life – including our own.

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