Welcome to Shared Space Network – we aren’t ones for long complex rules and lists of Do’s and Don’t’s – However some ground rules are essential to any group or community of interest. We build these on our guiding precepts and a governing principle that we hope will be easy to understand. The rules of membership stem from that.

The Governing Principle

(Empathy Paradigm)

We choose to embrance the concept of Harmonous Evolution with neither reference, nor attachment to origin be that earthly, divine, creationist or otherwise.

Harmonious Evolution empowers us as human kind to seek continious self development through our research, innovation, exploration and industry; yet it obligates us to do so in awareness and stewardship of this our home planet and all forms of life which it supports.

As a Body we are:-

  • Non-Discriminatory of any Race, Religion, Gender, Culture or Identity.
  • Intolerant of abuse in any form.
  • Non-Political.

In our lives we seek to :-

  • Be Authentic in all that we do.
  • Be impeccable with our word.
  • Think and Act with compassion and inclusivity.

Use of the site, resources and abuse

By signing up as a member you agree to our fair and appropriate use of the site, it’s resources and capabilites.

You agree not to abuse the facilites of the site by deploying, or attempting to deploy any malicious software or automated processing software (Bots).

You agree to treat all information appropriately and to represent fairly it’s origin, citing ownership, acknowledgeing copyright and other intellectual property rights as applicable.

You agree that any resources you post you have the right to post and will indemnify the site and it’s operators from any and all claims.

You agree that any dialogue you choose to engage in will be polite and not use foul or abusive, threatening or offensive language.

You agree not to use the site for any illegal purpose, including, but not limited to, Solicitation or inducement of minors (Grooming) , promotion of anti-social or terrorism related activities or any other activity that can be considered anti-social, illegal or detrimental to others.

You agree that any breach of the rules of membership, and / or any activitiy by an individual or group deemed by the site owners and operators or the groups and sub group administrators deemed detrimenal in any way to a group, sub group, the site or an individual may result in suspension and / or cancellation of membership with no refund of fees paid.

You agree that the site administrator has a final say on all questions of behaviour and content and the suspension or cancellation of membership for breach

You agree to pay any membership fees in a timely fashion and in full (Monthly or Annual). Partial payments will not entitle membership.

Reporting abuse or inappropriate content

Where applicable a ‘Report This’ or similar button will be provided to report content or activity that is of concern, this will alert the system administrators to the content and will provide the reporter with an opportunity to comment on why they find the content or activity inappropriate. The site administrator will then investigate and take the appropriate course of action.

Appeals process

A member who has been suspended or removed due to the breach of these rules can appeal by writing to the site administrator via the Info@SharedSpaceNetwork.org Email address giving details of why they wish to appeal – the appeal will then be reviewed by a second administrator and the appropriate actions taken.

Membership Rules Version: These rules will be updated periodically and a new version will be published.

Please notethese are the Membership rules, we are obliged to have the formal legal stuff too and that can be found under our privacy page and our Terms and conditions.

Current Version 1.0

Updated 05 September 2020