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Sound frequency and healing

April 26 2020 | Carly Oliver

By Carly Oliver – Sound Therapist

Can sound heal the body? well it can certainly be used in healing in all sorts of ways, for example ultrasound imaging. This is the classic view that mainstream and western medicine have and in that regard it is well accepted that sound can be used in modern medicine.

Can sound do more though? well, legally we have to say there is no accepted evidence and it is no substitiue for consulting a qualified medical practitioner, so if you have any concerns – see your doctor.

Sounds we know are mde up of frequencies, and our bodies, (in-fact all things are known to) have ‘frequencies’; These are a result of all sorts of physical properties that materials and (as it’s the stuff that makes us up) we have. the Heart frequency, for example, is believed to be a ‘G’, other chakras other notes – Sound Therapy such as a ‘Sound bath’ use multiple frequencies to relax the participant into ‘Theta’ wave, or meditation state – it is well believed that in this state the body can begin to heal itself – so whilst sound therapy cannot make claims to ‘Healing’ in the same way as a drug regime or surgery may, it can be applied as a complimentary therapy to assist the body and the mind in reaching the states where healing is most effective. It can help with stress, assist recovery and meditation. As well as seeing what’s going on inside and getting the first pictures of the new baby sound has a multiple of other application, if you havent tried a sound bath before give it a go, some practitioners are offering online sessions at no cost, (donations are welcome to cover expenses) and are an excellent way to try sound therapy out – headphones are recommended and the reality is you miss out on some of the physical immersion – yet its still very powerful and beneficial.

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