Mental Health Week

May 04 2020 | Dave Fardoe

Mental health week during lockdown, what could be more paradoxical?

It’s intruiging that during the pandemic crisis so much of our lives have been changed by the social distancing rules that we need to keep us well that many of the elements we need for good mental wellbeing are curtailed. I guess life has always been about balance and both physical and mental wellbeing issues are keenly aparent when we are out of balance. Its really important then that we try to find as many other ways as possible to keep in touch with family and freinds – going for that “Socially” distanced walk or sitting in the garden or park during the good weather. Find a way to reach out to each ohter and keep that contact going. Video isn’t a substitution for meeting up, yet it does give that added dimension to calls and lets you get a semblance of face to face. It won’t belong before we can get back together again and that will be an amazing time. Hang on in there and keep the contact going. Of couse during this time if you need help, there are lots available so do reach out and make contact with the network you need.

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