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February 07 2022 | Dave Fardoe

Can you believe where we are – only a couple of days ago it was COP 26 and we were on the discussion panel, then in the blink of an eye we were working with 5 organisations to review and build their intial Carbon reduction plans and now we have our own podcast. Well with our partner organisation we do anyway ( ). It’s been a little bit crazy.

That’s all good and I cant wait to tell you about our new product offerings straight out of the feedback from our Podcast and the work we have done over christmas.

Firstly the biggest by far question we got was “What does sustainability and circularity acrually mean?” well its a great question becasue it means a lot of differnt things to different people – some see it as recycling, some see it a much more. and it can be daunting so we decided to make it easy.

We put together a bunch of information and offerings in the form of our Sustainability Starter packs – for individuals and for small businesses. Its pretty easy to see that the two need a different approach so we set out the packs accordingly.


Get a quick start with a “What is guide…” the low down on carbon emissions, fossil fuels, recycling and the top three things you can do to make a difference – want to see what your carbon footprint is and how you can tackle it – its in the SSP Guide to Carbon.

Small Businesses

Bit more complicated? well not much yet there are more things you need to be aware of – Thats where the SME-SSP set comes in. As well as the information we give you a pro-forma and an afternoon with us to fill it in. It helps drive the carbon report and the action plan that you will get out. Now there are a bunch of things you can do from there – Publish on your web site. Add it to your social feed or drop a copy on your emails – if you want to go for public tenders its an ideas place to begin your formal ESG reporting and complance with things like the Social Value act and Carbon footprint.

Bigger and Bolder

As organisations grow then the obligations grow – at a certain point its advisory or voluntary to follw this or that Carbon and Social standard, after a while you’ve grown too big and you need to comply not jsut conform. We can work with you develop those methodologies and reporting capabilites to keep you ahead of the game and in terms of ESG a pack leader – Our Organisation Sustainbility Subscription comes in three tiers and is a monthly subscription.

Tier 1 (up to 25 employees, Turnover up to £2Million GBP ) – £125 / Month

Tier 2 ( 25 – 200 employees, Turnover £2m to £5m GBP) – £450 / Month

Tier 3 ( 200 + employees, Turnover £5m+ GBP) – £2125 / Month

We spent the last three months working out exactly what people want and putting it together so get in touch and see how being a part of Shared Space could kick start your Environmental, Social and Sustainability journey.

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