Sustainability – What is that?

July 21 2021 | Dave Fardoe

Economic, Environmental, or Social?

It was a great question and the kind that makes you stop for a moment and think? What is it that we do?

The short answer is all three. The long answer is dependant upon the starting point or your own personal perspective on how the three interact. We have developed our ideas and presented them in the form of Harmonious Evolution┬« – with our partners we promote the idea of People,Planet and Prosperity, We also advocate Partnerships. What this means is that we need to take actions that sustain our species on Earth, yet to do so in a way that does not destroy the scarce resources of the Earth, be those plants and animals ( Biological ), Fossil fuels and rare metals (Minerals), Our Atmosphere and Ecosystem(Climate) or, indeed, Cash and Trade (Economy).

It may seem strange to some that we include economics in a sustainability discussion, yet thats how it is – without trade our societies would not function, without some tokens of trade our ability to function as a society would be limited and our evolution would slow or even halt as we reverted to earlier social models. However and it is the big change we are seeking, our economic model do not need to be based on conumersim, or consumption. We can develop circular economies and Make, use, Reuse models rather then Take Make Waste as we have today. The consequence of that is a continued need to trade, exchanging goods and services and the tokens of trade, Cash, bonds. Stock markets can function in excatly the way they do today.

Yet, we do not need to cut down natural resources, burn fossil fuels, throw billions of tonnes of pastic awat into landfill or woser, oceans. Reforming our economic models will be the biggest single step we can undertake to deliver on sustainability for the Climate and Social dimensions. of course it is the hardest to define and to chnage, which is why it has the most fearsome resistance to change.

Many people think sustainability = Climate and Ecologi. However it is so much more and encompasses all three aspects.

How do we propose to achive so much given we are o group. It is through partnerships. Partnerships with the leading thinkers and specialist in each given field. Also it is contribution.Our partners contrributions are in specialism, knowing the subjects inside out is what our network of sepcialists is about. what our community is about is innovation and sharing widely to diseminate new ways of doing something.

So whilst to many sustainabuility is a singular disipline, Climate sustainability, People sustainability – to us it is all of them. To us it is about realising our dream of Harmonious Evolution┬«

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