“Truth is Singular”

October 02 2020 | Dave Fardoe

How do you know the information you’re getting is accurate

In todays world we are bombarded with information and misinformation – it used to be called FUD – Fear, Uncertaintly and Disinformation. Today it all falls under the banner of ‘Fake News’.

The trouble with ‘Fake News’ is that there is a lot of it and a lot of it is compelling. There is also a lot of genuine news that get’s labelled fake by someone who is served by that labelling – in other words it the truth cast as a lie. None of this is new of course yet in the world today when we need information to keep us and our loved ones safe – where do we find it?

The internet – The key skill here is cutting through the noise and the hype, finding good sources of information, several ideally and equipping yourself with the skills to cross reference and sort the noice and hubris from the data.

Covid-19 is a prime example – Fake cures, conspiracy theories and the ever present “Karens” – how do you find out what is what?

Sadly there is no simple answer, all the social media companies will tell you thier algorithm is filtering this and that, yet it is their algorithm and its designed to make them wealthy.

The best filter by far is your intuition, the inate sense of truth built into each of us. If it seems to good to be true it probably is, if a vaccine is rushed to market “too quickly” it probably was. We have an inbuilt honesty chip.

Common sense is also a good guide – forget the hype if the logic works even for a little bit, the logic works. Masks will not protect you from Covid-19 100% but they will reduce the risk by a significant percentage – don’t dismiss a risk reduction as pointless Karen.

Sources of data thsat can be trusted are had to find – here are a few yet even then treat each data point with care. Be your own best guide, take responsibility, we are all in this together and its best if we all come out of it together too.

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