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September 02 2020 | Phil Rowden

I’ve taken the plunge and am blogging, who knows maybe soon I’ll be Vlogging. All things climate related. Not here to protest and complain, but more to find and link ideas, innovators, inventors and investors so that we can together develop the ideas into commercial solutions – quickly. That way we can slow down the impact our human activity is having on the planet, work out new ways of doing stuff and have the time to get everyone behind those changes.

It all starts with a single intention, and grows from there. Here I’ll be sharing my intentions, and actions with you. Please join me – drop an email to me or come along to one of the events that I’ll be sharing here over time.

Do you have any ideas / inventions or innovations to help slow climate change? Happy to share them – again drop me an email, we can share them here and maybe put the right people together to make them a reality.



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