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January 08 2021 | Dave Fardoe

It’s doubtful that many people will be sad to see 2020 move on. The promise of 2021 with vaccines and improved treatment is here. So it may seem odd to take a moment to look back on a year that most of us would rather forget.

2020 indeed say a global reduction in all sorts of spheres and yes in global travel, economic and the restrictions we had in our own personal lives. Yet it afforded us an opportunity too. The opportunity to look at our world differrently and to see the way the nautural world, absent our influence to a degree coped. It is a sobering thought that it coped without us just fine. We on the other hand cannot survive without it.

Ok we all know that and its a message that is becomming a little repetitious, however its truth is not lessened by the telling. So when you look back on a a horrid year and a year full of challenge and trauma, spy through the cracks the amazing progress made by science in vaccine development, the strength and resolve people found within themselves and the communities that bound together in ways not seen for 70 years. Covid-19 and 2020 gave us a glimpse into a range of possible futures, some terrible others far from it. It gave as window on our collective choices.

What we make of 2021 and onwards is, to a very large degree in our hands.

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