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Carbon tag your clothes

October 29 2020 | Dave F

Carbon tag my clothes – Great idea?

Yes, that is exactly what a Swedish firm is proposing to do. On each item you buy a carbon impact label – Would that help you choose?

Most people have become used to the idea of the energy efficiency labels on products, especially in the EU and it does have a bearing on how we buy. yet many of the things we purchase are not labelled in any way that helps us choose from the ‘good or the ‘bad’. So what kind of label are we looking for?

Carbon tagging is a great idea and a perfect place to start, How much carbon has been released to the atmosphere in the production of this product is clear and simple so let’s get that going. However that’s only part of the carbon journey – what about ┬átransport, storage, shipping, delivery and how about non-carbon impacts?

Non-Carbon impacts include things like pollutants, dyes, washing waste in garment production, and the impact on water cycles in the growing of crops like cotton in the first place.

Here is a great Article shared on LinkedIn by Ross, Have a look here..

Overall I think we would like to see an environmental impact rating rather then just a carbon rating. Such a thing is possible yet complex to design and to get standardised across supply chains.

What do you think? What factors would be important in making your next purchasing choice?

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